Jenny Carr CHC, CPT, CFNC

Jenny specializes in removing inflammation from the body through clean eating, movement and elegant thinking. In addition to removing inflammation from the body, she is trained in re-booting the metabolism through identifying specific macro-nutrient levels individualized for each person. Each person/family is unique with individualized goals so Jenny's approach to supporting each client is also unique.

Jenny is deeply passionate about helping the youngest generation grow up strong, healthy & full of JOY. As a past cross country ski coach for athletes aged 5-18 years, middle school teacher for 8 years and mother of two children, Jenny has hands on experiences interacting with children while first handedly seeing the effects of inflammatory foods in their physical, mental, emotional and behavioral bodies. 

With a masters in education and years of experience serving on the Leadership for Behavioral Response To Intervention Board, Jenny understands how to effectively communicate with children in a way that makes them feel empowered. She offers her support to children and parents alike as families begin to shift their choices towards healthier behaviors, not because they are told to do so, but because they gain the education and knowledge that INSPIRES them to do so.

Jenny believes that they key to successful behavioral changes involves education, inspiration and a sense of fulfillment. Jenny helps her clients find a sense of fulfillment by finding recipes for foods they enjoy, simply made with non-inflammatory ingredients. AKA - food swapping!


Throughout our work together, you will LEARN which foods are inflaming you or your children the most, and how to swap those inflammatory foods out for non-inflammatory foods that your kids love. You will become EMPOWERED as you learn how the inflammatory foods/drinks are affecting you and your family. And you will find INSPIRATION as everyone in your family begins to FEEL better while gaining confidence and health. 


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Please fill out this form for a free initial consult with Jenny Carr. Jenny will respond to you to set up an appointment time within 2 business days. Jenny operates off of Mountain Standard Time in the United States.


Consults available in person or via Skype/FaceTime (depending on the age of the child).

Cost: $140/hour

Includes food swapping recipes, review of 3-5 day food and symptom journal and determination of top inflammatory foods/drinks that are affecting child or parent along with action steps to remove the inflammation.