Difficulty Sleeping
Crohn's Disease
Lyme Disease
Skin Conditions Such As: Acute Acne, Blotches, Red Spots, Eczema, Rashes, Hives etc.
Chronic Join Pain
Stomach Pain
Chronic Muscle Pain
Heart Disease
All Auto-Immune Disease
Frequent Cold Symptoms
Frequent Flu Symptoms
Sinus Congestion

Diarrhea or Constipation
Dark Circles or Bags Under The Eyes
Food Allergies
Water Retention or Puffiness
Craving Foods....Especially Sugar, Wheat or Sodium
Irritable Bowl Syndrome
 Leaky Gut
High Blood Pressure
Behavioral Disorders
Lack Of Energy


The Research

Empirical and anecdotal research is continuing to grow on the topic of inflammation. We are finding that chronic inflammation is the cause of nearly all disease, ailments, and conditions.  When we are inflamed, our body attacks the areas that are most susceptible. Inflammation shows up differently in each person, based on the areas in their body that weakest. Nonetheless, we know that by removing inflammation a person can significantly alter, or even reverse, their state of health for the best. 

Dr. Mark Hyman M.D. states:

"The normal type of inflammation (like the inflammation you get when you sprain an ankle) is a good thing. It helps your body protect and heal itself.  However, when your immune system shifts out of balance, inflammation can run rampant — causing a chronic, smoldering fire inside your body that contributes to disease and weight gain.
The causes of this type of inflammation are all around you.  The sugar you eat, high doses of the wrong oils and fats in your diet, hidden food allergens, lack of exercise, chronic stress, and hidden infections, all trigger a raging, unseen inflammation deep in your cells and tissues."

And this inflammation leads to every one of the major chronic diseases from aging — heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, arthritis and more.  It’s also by far the major contributor to obesity.

The Clean Eating Kid is PASSIONATE about educating caregivers and our youngest generation. It is the first time in history that children are predicted to NOT outlive their parents. This boils down to the high amount of inflammation in their young bodies - a direct correlation to the quality of food  & drink our kiddos are putting into their mouths. 

It’s simple.

In order to gain back the health of our children and their families, we must begin to adopt and anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. The sodas, twinkles, pizza, pasta, fast-food, juice, processed meats, unhealthy fats, and even inflammatory "health-foods" are making our innocent children sick. Instead of giving our children a step up in life during their adolescent years, we are setting them up for cancer, obesity, auto-immune disease, heart-disease, depression, behavioral disorders, and much much more. 

YOU have the power to make a change. YOU have the power to give your children what is so often taken for granted: health. Health is our foundation. Without good health, a child (or adult for that matter) cannot meet their learning, social, emotional, athletic, professional and  artistic potential.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, and model for your child/ren a life full of healthy habits.